The Habit of Completing

The Habit of Completing 2048 1365 Vineeth Pradhan

I would often have a long list of TODO items, sometimes about 50 tasks a day to complete every single day and often go unconsciously unnoticed of me not completing; Unconsciously! Realisation of this seems to be the first step of resolving this bad habit. This also seemed to be procrastination in disguise and developed into slow habit of giving up on the tasks at hand. I hope documenting this serves a purpose. Do leave your thoughts in the comments


The first step to resolve this after months of realisation was to bring down the TODO items drastically. And replace it with very simple tasks, say about 4 of them each day such as, go for a walk, collect the prints, order a shirt online, buy the stickies, etc; something that would not require much of an effort to complete but then I wouldn’t forget taking pride in completing them at the end of the day without heeding to the fact how ridiculously simple these tasks were.


Some more observation to this was that, this habit of completing let me to another regular habit but on a larger scale of doing more than paid for. This, I could do by doing something that’s not in my TODO list without writing it down even after completing this bonus task. I could now slowly not only ramp up and get in more stuff to the plate but also also give more than asked for. Never did I forget to take pride in each day that I could end up completing everything I planned for. I made this a habit


This has now also led me to developing the habit of planning the tasks that is most practical within my capacity to complete it. It helps to write down the plans during the night before going to sleep. I go one step further and write down one simple task and make sure I complete it. It could be as simple as re-filling my water bottles. I could call this a ‘warm up’ task because this task ‘warms up’ my subconscious mind and thus gets me ready for the next morning already. The key is to make this a habit

Vineeth Pradhan

Vineeth Pradhan is the foundation of all ideas to take shape for Tollfreeroad. He believes that the visuals of serene Landscapes of India have made an impact to ancient Indian inventors in the fields of Yoga, Astronomy, Healthcare, Engineering to name a few without the use of external tools but just by the power of imagination. He believes that surrounding oneself with visuals of nature has the potential to instill positivity and stimulate creative thinking even today and wants to encourage more creations among Indians”

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