Why Fatigue Brings out Creativity

Why Fatigue Brings out Creativity

Why Fatigue Brings out Creativity 2048 1366 Vineeth Pradhan

The only thing about a man that is a man, is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse – Archibald MacLeish

For those who are new to my work, I’m Vineeth Pradhan, a Professional Landscape Photographer based out of Bengaluru, India. Photography has been my passion since my childhood days and I’ve been specifically capturing visuals of Indian Landscapes since early 2008. You can read about my purpose and causes here. The following article is my belief from the perspective of Landscape Photography and it will apply to the readers of all walks of life. I hope you enjoy reading

Spotting The Visual

There has been a number of occasions where I’d be investing my energy to its fullest potential in order to reach the volumes of compositions on each of my tour. Most of spotting the visuals I recently discovered have been post noon after a day long persistence of driving, carrying the gears, mounting & demounting the tripod. The key here is, spotting the visual, let alone framing the photograph or composing it. The key is in the ability to see, with the greatest sensitivity. I may call it “Seasoning”, with each day of the tour, that I must develop.


With the kind of endurance that I must persist, and the body running out of nutrients very quickly, I believe, it takes efficient use of the energy reserves to propel myself beyond the conscious capacity of the mind. The only downside that would be a constant challenge would be blurry images for I would have physically worn off. But the upside to it is the “Mental Marination” that endurances gifts me after giving my thoughts a go, again and again and again.

Mental Marination

I believe, a good composition cannot be the result of practice alone nor the will. I’ve never been unable to recompose an older capture of similar landscape, despite the extra efforts I would be willing to put in. I suppose it’s the Do or die, that the mind tricks itself after the “Seasoning”, to trigger the other side of the gray matter, the creative imagination, the source of Infinite Intelligence, without which an ancient man would starve. But now he has evolved, not to find pray or its skin to survive, but to achieve that perfection in his work, so that he could delight his customers!

Vineeth Pradhan

Vineeth Pradhan is the foundation of all ideas to take shape for Tollfreeroad. He believes that the visuals of serene Landscapes of India have made an impact to ancient Indian inventors in the fields of Yoga, Astronomy, Healthcare, Engineering to name a few without the use of external tools but just by the power of imagination. He believes that surrounding oneself with visuals of nature has the potential to instill positivity and stimulate creative thinking even today and wants to encourage more creations among Indians”

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