Why Visual Inspiration?

Inspirations has the ability to influence your imagination. It is because our mind wanders what we surround ourselves with. Kick start your day with either POSITIVE or CREATIVE mindset. Indian Landscapes has the power to influence your state of mind. We have a history of our Indian ancestors in inventing the unimaginable without the use of any technology or tools!

About 1500(BCE) years ago, we invented Yoga, followed by the use of Zero, Zinc, Arundathi Vashista, Cataract Surgery! All without the use of tools and technology. We believe this was possible because of our ability to mimic the nature’s behaviour. The pose of Dhyana while we meditate is a perfect imitation of a Tree! Ever thought about why we imitated a tree?

Visual Inspiration

Visuals, be it in the form of a poster or room décor, seem to saturate every walk of our daily lives. Given how prevalent they’ve become, it would be fair to assume they actually work. Whether you are an artist or an author or entrepreneur etc, everyone seek inspiration of some kind and visuals are the first that they seek it from. Visuals could be placed in the form of wallpaper, room décor, quotes, screen saver and anything you can imagine of.

Tollfreeroad offer both individuals such as Authors, Yoga Instructors, Artists, and Creative Professionals etc., and organizations such as Hotels, Offices, Educational Institutes etc., a unique visuals that we capture by freezing motivational moments.

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